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Mailer Box Accessoire

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Our Accessoire shipping box is made of sturdy, almost completely recycled corrugated cardboard (E-flute, approx. 1,5 mm thick). The white outside can be individually customised. You can create your packaging design with our online editor or use one of our print templates in your preferred design programme. Preview your box as a 3D model before ordering.

Sample set from printmate

If youÔÇÖre unsure if your products will fit our packaging and want to make sure the print and material quality is just right, order a free sample set.

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The way to your new favourite packaging

Choose quantity and option
You can choose between Standard, Express and Dummy and you will immediately be shown the price.
Design your print image
Use the print templates and design your packaging with your preferred design software. You can also order unprinted boxes.
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You will shortly receive your desired packaging so that you can send your products safely, securely and impressively.

Accessoire - Just right for your product

The Accessoire shipping box is an all-rounder for different types of clothing and accessories, technical items, A5 printed materials, mugs and much more ÔÇŽ


Our stable E-Flute material, which our packaging technicians have developed in collaboration with online stores such as Zalando, has proven itself a million times over and protects your products from all the stress and strain of mail order.


Thanks to the easy-to-assemble design (FEFCO0427), the shipping box can be constructed in just a few easy steps. With the self-adhesive closure, the Accessoire box can be securely sealed and opened easily with the tear strip.

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Best print quality

Our high-quality printing makes your packaging shine. Depending which option you choose, we print using brilliant UV curable inks or with soft-matte water-based digital inks. You can find out exactly how to create your design files in our print instructions.

Print instructions

Get creative using our ready-made print templates. The only areas that have to remain unchanged are for our subtle branding and production-related markings. However, these are not visible once the box has been assembled. Find out more in our FAQs.

Custom orders

If you have a special request or custom order please write to us, we would be happy to help!

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Mailer Box Accessoire

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Interior dimension: 220 x 175 x 105 mm
Exterior dimension: 234 x 180 x 108 mm
Weight: 110 g
Delivery date 1/19/2023
Upload print files by 12/19/2022
Surface: coated paper
Digital print: 4/0 glossy
Delivery date 12/15/2022
Surface: uncoated paper
Digital print: 4/0 matte
Delivery date 12/15/2022
Surface: uncoated paper
Digital print: 4/0 matte
Delivery date 12/13/2022
100 PCS
Total price (gross)
Item price (net)
Delivery cost to GER (net)
Total price (net)
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